Manifold Valves

Manifold valves help to limit and determine pressure of liquids and gases. Once they are installed, this valve can efficiently control, separate, regulate, measure and drain or distinguish between the pressure of liquid and gases.

Mcneil Instruments manufactures manifold valves which serve as a connection between transmitter and system impulse line. They are inexpensive to install and have a strong exterior in order to endure high temperature. Various functions namely that of an isolation valve, calibration valve, tee along with all piping and fittings are combined into one single small unit which decreases the quantity of fixtures and area needed for installation. We make 3 kinds of manifold valves namely:

2-way manifold valves: Created for direct mounting purpose, they have a 2 valve arrangement which facilitates easy separation, blockage for gauges, adjustment of vent valve in a stationary pressure transmitter. These valves are offered with BSPT, NPT, socket weld end connections. 2-way manifold valves have a fastened bonnet design and manufactured in materials such as Hastelloy, carbon steel and Monel.

3-way manifold valves: This kind of valve has 1 equalizer valve and 2 block valves. The equalizer valve balances the high and low pressure lines. 3-way manifold valves are beneficial for separate mounting and adhere to international quality standards. They can be constructed from Monel, carbon steel, Hastelloy etc. Apart from being 2-valve manifold exporter and manufacturer, we also accept orders for 3-way valves which are processed in a short period of time. 5-way manifold valve: Developed for remote mounting, a 5-way manifold valve typically has 2 drain valves, 1 equalizer and 2 isolate valves. This uncomplicated 5 valves arrangement assists in easy isolation and vent valve regulation of a static pressure receiver. Given below are some unique features of this valve:

    • Secured bonnet design
    • Single piece body without any joint
    • Stem threads which are cold rolled to attain maximum power and high precision
    • Dust cap safeguards steam threads from outside contamination
    • Low operating force and leak tight seal
    • Every valve is checked thoroughly at necessary pressure to verify leak tightness at the cap

Whether it is 2 way manifold valve, 3 way manifold valve or 5 way manifold valve, each product produced by Mcneil Instruments is in line with global standards. Our manifold valves are regularly exported to USA, Qatar, Brazil, Canada, Saudi, Australia Kuwait, Lagos, Oman, Nigeria, Dubai and many countries in the European continent. Power, refineries, petrochemical, energy, oil, thermal etc. are some of the businesses where manifold valves are utilized.