Instrumentation Fitting

Mcneil Instruments is double ferrule tube fittings manufacturer of various sizes. They are constructed in such a way that they cater to specifications needed for different industrial applications.

Tube fittings are employed in research laboratories, generation of power and businesses such as oil, gas, aerospace, paper and pulp, defence, shipbuilding and chemical processing etc.

Offered in different configurations, double ferrule tube fittings generally consist of 4 parts namely body, nut, back ferrule and front ferrule. They work on the proven theory of 2 ferrules swaying to the tube once tightened. When the nut is tightened up, the ferrule at the front sways on the tube creating a noticeable leak-proof seal. The back ferrule with the assistance of back shaft of front ferrule creates a strong grip on the tube. Creation and re-creation of the fittings becomes easy since the nuts are silver plated on the inside to avoid thread galling.

Distinguishing between inch and metric becomes simpler with the aid of treaded shoulders in metric fittings. Tube fittings are produced from standard materials such as Monel, carbon steel and stainless steel. Our products undergo stringent quality control checks and adhere to the highest quality standards. To fulfill the requirement for leak-free gas and liquid control, Mcneil double ferrule stainless steel tube and compression fittings are the best choice.

We are a regular exporter of tube fittings to several countries in the European continent, Dubai, Australia, Kuwait, Lagos, America, Qatar, Brazil, Nigeria, Saudi, Canada and Oman.

  • The different types of tube to tube fittings include:
    • Straight union
    • Union elbow
    • Union tee
    • Union cross
    • Reducing union
    • Reducing tee
    • Bulkhead union
    • Bulkhead union elbow

  • Tube to female port fittings consist of:
    • Connector NTP
    • Female elbow
    • Female run tee
    • Female branch tee

  • Tube to male fittings comprise of:
    • Male connector NTP
    • Male elbow NTP
    • Male run tee
    • Male bulkhead connector
    • Male branch tee

  • Tube to tube port (Modifiable fittings) include:
    • Swivel adjustable branch tee
    • Swivel adjustable elbow
    • Swivel adjustable run tee
    • Swivel union
    • Swivel pipe adaptor