Globe & Gate Valve

Globe and gate valves are sturdy valves with a renewable seat ring and secured cover. These valves function automatically and the body is mounted in the disc swing manner. Globe and gate valves will open by the force of velocity and shut by the power of gravity and back pressure. They flow in a single direction and at the same time restrict flow from the opposite path. Any kind of distortion or noisy working of this valve can be prevented by choosing an appropriate valve size in line with flow conditions.

When it comes to medium velocity processes, swing check valves are the ideal option. Although these valves are generally fabricated for horizontal installation, they can be fit vertically by keeping the flow upward underneath the disc. The seat won’t wear since the disc links the flat surface without any friction.

Globe and gate valves can be manufactured from stainless steel, carbon steel or any other special material. The forged valves are 100% tested to verify there’s no leakage at seat, shell and gland. They are employed in industries such as power, energy, fertilizers, petrochemicals and refineries. Globe and gate valves by Mcneil Instruments adhere to the highest standards in terms of operation, leak tightness, dimensional accuracy and quality of material.

Globe and gate valves are offered in an array of weights and sizes. To facilitate easy fitting, flow directions will be indicated as cast on the body. In addition, they can be provided with counter weights and dash pot arrangement as per client needs. Our globe and gate valves are EIL & KOC approved valves which mean they are certified by Engineers India Ltd (EIL), a leading engineering and design organization in South Asia and endorsed by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), a well-known oil firm in Kuwait. Mcneil Instruments is an internationally renowned globe-gate valve manufacturer and exporter providing top-quality products to various suppliers located in different countries such as Nigeria, Dubai, USA, Brazil, Oman, Australia, Saudi, Lagos, Canada, Kuwait and Qatar. We also export globe gate valves to nations in Europe.