Check Valves

Mcneil Instruments is a check valve exporter and manufacturer offering products according to international standards. Check valves made by our production team have a sturdy design, renewable seat ring, and secured cover. Unwanted noise during working of the valve can be prevented by choosing an appropriate size in line with the flow conditions. Check valves are employed in several applications. Even though they are manufactured in different sizes, check valves function automatically. They flow in a single direction and restrict flow in the opposite route.

The cracking pressure is vital in this type of valve since it determines the minimum upward gravity at which the valve would work. Check valves are released by the force of pressure and shut by the force of gravity.

For moderate pressure operations, swing check valves are the ideal option. This is a check valve wherein the disc which is the movable piece that obstructs the flow swings on a fulcrum, either on the seat to stop reverse flow, or outside the seat to enable forward flow.

Although swing check valves are typically created for horizontal installation, you can install it in vertical way keeping the flow upward beneath the disc. We provide an advanced design which is sturdy and offers economic flow control. To allow easy installation, flow directions are indicated as cast on the valve body. Our manufacturing team can also deliver check valves with dash pot assembly and counter weights as per client requirements. Mcneil Instruments supplies superior quality high pressure check and gauge valve to various companies in nations around the world including Canada, Dubai, Lagos, Kuwait, Nigeria, Qatar, Australia, Oman, USA, Saudi, Brazil and several European countries.
All our products have a complete 12 months replacement warranty. Check valves are normally made in materials such as alloy steel, stainless steel, exotic steel and carbon steel.