Block-Bleed Valve

Bleed valves are generally used on gauge valves or multi-valve manifolds. They are utilized when an apparatus is taken out from a system or to aid in the correction of control mechanisms. Bleed valve is even known as double block and bleed valve since their construction includes 2 ball valve and 1 globe valve or 2 ball valve and 1 needle valve.

Over the years, double block and bleed valves have advanced to replace the procedure of fastening individual valves together to make one body and offer dual isolation. This novel construction of the double block and bleed valve helps to save weight, space and time taken to install the instrument.We are a mono flange valve manufacturer and exporter providing an ultra slim shaped body coupled with a compact yet sturdy design. In comparison to other conventional designs, our valves have decreased leak paths.

Flanged connections are available for inlet or outlet in a range of sizes in order to suit specific applications. In addition, there is a large selection of gauge connectors which facilitate adaptable positioning of gauges.

Our manufacturing facility is well-equipped to handle bulk orders. Every valve is thoroughly tested to verify leak tightness at the exterior, seat and gland. Double block and bleed valves are constructed from brass, alloy steel and stainless steel. Power, thermal, fertilizers, chemicals, refineries etc. are some of the industries where these valves are used.
Mcneil Instruments employs high-tech in-house mechanized equipment to produce double block and bleed valves which are of superior quality, sturdy, durable and free of defects. Thus, we have never received complaints from our suppliers or any rejection in exports. We have a huge distribution network and our products are shipped to various nations including Nigeria, Australia, Saudi, USA, Oman, Lagos, Kuwait, Canada, Qatar, Brazil, Dubai in addition to numerous countries in Europe.